Practice Plan Week 3

The key of the week is G Major!

Long notes in G Major, 2 octaves, looking for the most resonant and beautiful tone for each note, all the way to the high G. The high G appears occasionally in the literature, nd while high, it is not impossible... besides, if you practice playing up to the G, the notes above high D are not that scary anymore...

Tuning: Major triads along the G Major scale, with your tuner providing a drone on the tonic of each chord. My favorite all-purpose temperament is currently 1/6 comma meantone. Valotti also work, and equal temperament if you don't have other options.

Etude: Quantz Capriccio:


Dothel, G Major, p. 10 on the facsimilie here:,_Niccol%C3%B2)


Kirnberger, Sonata in G Major, the fourth one in this set:,_Johann_Philipp)

Telemann, Fantasia No 11 (a good piece to practice the did'l articulation.)

Vivaldi: Concerto in G Major:,_RV_435_(Vivaldi,_Antonio) 

(Vivaldi had strong connections with the court of Count Morzin in Bohemia, to whom he dedicated his Op. 8 which includes "The Four Seasons")