Practice Plan Week 2

Week 2: Key of E minor

*Add this to your e-minor week: *

Warmup: Long notes in E minor (melodic up, natural down) 2 octaves, looking for the most resonant and beautiful tone for each note.

Tuning: Major triads along the E minor (natural) scale, with your tuner providing a drone on the tonic of each chord. My favorite all-purpose temperament is currently 1/6 comma meantone. Valotti also work, and equalt temperament if you don't have other options.

Etude: Frederick the Great, 100 Daily Exercises: No. 17, 20. This book is available in many libraries, or you can order from Flute world (search the title) or Amazon, search under "das flötenbuch". Von Huene carries it sometimes too.


Handel E minor sonata, Op 1a, the first one here:

Wagenseil, Sonata in E minor:

and, for something French, just for fun:

Hotteterre: Suite no. 4, p. 31

Some chamber music, maybe?

Telemann: Paris quartet in E minor