Practice Plan Week 5

Key of A Major!

Warmup: Long notes in A Major, 2 octaves, looking for the most resonant and beautiful tone for each note.

Tuning: Major triads along the A Major scale, with your tuner providing a drone on the tonic of each chord. My favorite all-purpose temperament is currently 1/6 comma meantone. Valotti also work, and equalt temperament if you don't have other options.

Etude: Hotteterre, L’Art de Preluder Op. 7, p. 8 (at the bottom)-9. Warning: this is in French violin clef!

Here is a link:'art_de_pr%C3%A9luder,_Op.7_(Hotteterre,_Jacques)


Benda Concerto in A Major, First movement:,_L2.15_(Benda,_Franz)

Bach: Sonata in A Major, BWV 1032, 3rd movement, Allegro:,_BWV_1032_(Bach,_Johann_Sebastian)